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For those who helped make my dream
road trip to the Yukon and Alaska come true
without asking anything in return...

This is my "give back", meant to help you the way they helped me.

I am determined to repay the many people who, without asking anything in return, offered me free help in planning
my .dream road trip to Alaska and the Yukon in 2006.

The best way I know to meet my obligation is by sharing, with you, the best of their ideas plus the many lessons I learned along the way, and not just on my Alaska-Yukon trip.

So I've put together an
"EZ-Tour" and a few "EZ Guides" in these pages, along with the story and pictures of my road trip all the way to the Arctic Circle and beyond, to quickly help you solve the 3 most important problems you'll face as a traveler going anywhere:

  • Putting together bullet-proof trip plans and cost estimates that work!
  • Making sure things that mustn't go wrong don't go wrong!
  • Choosing the right "lessons learned" from past trips to use now!

Good trip plans are easy to make and take less time to prepare than you think!

And, they will
make your dream journey easier, more predictable, safer, and more affordable ... just like mine was.

That's me, Cliff Brody, at the Arctic Circle,
on my 2006 dream road trip from Washington DC
to the Yukon and Alaska! And back!

What should you do right now?

Start with the free "EZ Tour".
Click up top to start. Or, choose
"Begin Here" on the menu.

And, ask me a travel question!
Simply click the big "?" up top on the right; it's there on every page. You can ask your question now, or at any time later on.

Everything on this site is free! There are no ads, nothing's for sale, and no data or software (e.g. cookies) is put on or taken from your computer!

So, enjoy your visit, and come back often!

Click arrow to read the BMW Car Club of America
July, 2007 "Roundel" magazine article about
my road trip to the Yukon and Alaska.

(opens in separate window-close it when done!)

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