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About My Personal Travel Style -- (Dream Travel Trip Anywhere; Yukon-Alaska Road Trip)

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The way I like to travel...

I have an informal travel style. Except for seeing ancient castles or cathedrals, I prefer to avoid organized tour groups.

Though I usually bring one dressier set of clothes, I’m happiest when I can wear informal outfits, ideally jeans or khaki shorts.

If I’m going by plane for a week or more, I'll check one large bag at the counter. But I'll also bring two carry-ons, one for the storage bin and one
much smaller one (to fit in the larger one if the airline insists on one carry-on). I put a book, my iPod, wallet, passport, other valuables, and not much else in the small bag and stow it under the seat.

If it’s a trip of only a few days, I’ll make a carry-on roller bag work.

Photo Credit: Trisha Jacobs

I break all of those rules if I’m going by car, when I always find ways to fill the trunk!

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