Dream Trip To Yukon and Alaska By Road, To Anywhere Else By Any Means At All

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What This Site Will Do For You -- (Dream Travel Trip Anywhere; Yukon-Alaska Road Trip)

Begin Here

What this site will do for you...

This website will help everyone planning their first dream trip to a far-away place, or putting together their next one.

Now THAT'S one heck of a scenic turnout!

There are five main sections:

  • This one, Begin Here, which explains the site and shares a bit of information about me
  • EZ Guides, which list practical how-to tips for planning your travels
  • Alaska and Back, a real-life case study in three parts useful to everyone and especially to those planning a trip there:

........1) how I planned my dream road journey to
...........the Yukon and Alaska;
........2) email reports sent back during the trip
...........(with plenty of photos!), and
........3) the lessons I learned along the way

  • The Next Trip, a few notes about where I'm headed next
  • Top 10 Lists of links and resources I and others use for trip planning - plus my own personal "Best and Worst" travel list

Though my Yukon-Alaska trek was 10,000 miles by car from Washington DC to above the Arctic Circle and back, your trip can be to anywhere, and you can be going there by any means, not just a car!

In each section, you will find specific how-to's uncovered not only during that unusual over-the-road trip, but also from many earlier ones: to Europe, the Americas, Asia, and the Pacific.

And, whether you travel by plane, boat, car, foot, or a mix of them all, these practical "lessons learned" will help you plan - and have - equally rewarding experiences.

Click arrow to read the BMW Car Club of America
July, 2007 "Roundel" magazine article about
my road trip to the Yukon and Alaska.

(opens in separate window-close it when done!)

Why am I offering this help for free?

Many great people graciously helped me plan and take my dream-of-a-lifetime journey, freely giving of their time and experience without asking anything in return. I can best repay their kindnesses by doing the same for you. .So, read on. And may your travels be even more rewarding than mine!

Be who you are
and say what you feel,
because those who mind don't matter
and those who matter don't mind.

~Dr. Seuss

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