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EZ GUIDE FOR TRIP SAFETY AND SECURITY - Assuring Contingecies Are In Place -- (Dream Travel Trip Anywhere; Yukon-Alaska Road Trip)

EZ Guides

EZ Guide for answering
ALL questions about
trip safety and security...

My top three concerns, before I leave and once I get there, are whether I have:

  • made the right reservations for hotels and transportation, double checked to confirm when I’m supposed to be where, and found out what to do if I do show up on time and they’ve never heard of me,
  • given myself enough free time to explore new things that I find out about only after I get there, and
  • found out all I can and should do to assure my personal safety.

To solve these problems,
before I leave, I use Google and its internet equivalents, always starting with full questions like “What if I have no hotel reservation in Paris?”

Then I read every entry on the first 3 results pages. That way, I get a better sense of what my search terms ought to be.

Along the way, I do
3 internet searches worded exactly like this, including the quote marks (wherever is wherever you’re headed):

  • "Travel advice" "wherever"
  • "Do's and don'ts" "wherever"
  • "Tips" "wherever"

Wanna see for yourself? Using Google, search for “Travel Advice” “France”, or
click here (opens in separate window).

Merely by skimming entries on the first 3 pages, you’ll see how much down-to-earth, practical information you can really find.

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