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Winter Travel vs Summer -- (Dream Travel Trip Anywhere; Yukon-Alaska Road Trip)

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Winter Traveling vs Summer...

Traveling in the Yukon and Alask in winter will be substantially different than in the summer.

There is the obvious:

  • slower average speeds; more time to cover a given distance
  • some more direct roads permanently closed during the winter months
  • difficult weather conditions making otherwise open roads impassible
  • fewer hotels, motels, and restaurants open along the way
  • heavier wear-and-tear on the car; possible breakdowns; car won't start because of the cold
  • more provisions to carry, both personal and emergency cold weather gear

Then there is the not-so-obvious:

  • few alternatives to sleeping in the car if travel on a given day goes so slow that you can't make it to the next stop
  • drastic-enough weather conditions to prevent completing the trip
  • significant extra-cost items resulting from unplanned trip delays

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