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User's Guide for Using This Website -- (Dream Travel Trip Anywhere; Yukon-Alaska Road Trip)

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Your website User's Guide...

Choose your way .to see everything that this website offers.

....1 the EZ Tour
....2 the Menu
....3 the Annotated Site Map special feature...
....4 the Symbols at the top of each page
....5 the Photo Controls, and
....6 the Links to Other Sites




EZ TOUR. The "EZ Tour" lets you see everything without having to use any menu buttons.

  • Click up top to go forward to the next EZ Tour page.
  • Clickto go back one page in the EZ Tour.

MENU. The Menu has 8 menu buttons
that always appear on the left and stay with you as you move around any page.

  • "Home", "Can I Help?", and "Contact" buttons each open just 1 page. Move the cursor over the button and, when it lights up, click on it to see the page.
  • All other menu buttons automatically list web pages or chapters in a given section. Lists appear to the right of each button when you move the cursor over it. Click on any one of the listed pages to see it.
  • The "Alaska and Back" menu button is special. It includes two chapter headings which you'll see when you move your mouse over the button. A ">" symbol appears at the right of each chapter name. The "Alaska and Back" button will also show one "Lesson Learned" page.
  • To read a chapter or page in "Alaska and Back", slide your mouse over the chapter heading. A list of pages in that section will appear. Click on any one to see it. A "slide show" of photos is included on each of those pages, for your enjoyment. To see the "Lessons Learned" page, click on it.

ANNOTATED SITE MAP. Click that big "i" at the top of every page to reach this website's special Annotated Site Map. There, you will find a complete summary of what is on every single page.

  • Click on "Expand All" at the bottom of the site map to open all the summaries at once.
  • Click on any folder to see page summaries in that folder (those folders work just the folders on your own computer).
  • Click on any page to go there (or use your browser's "Back" button to return to the page you were previously viewing).
  • Click Here To Try It Now! (Remember: use your browser's "Back" button to return here).


SYMBOLS & SHORTCUTS. These symbols and shortcuts help you move around the site, use links, and see all the photos in slide shows, even in large, full screen-sized images!

Click on:


to go to the top of the current page

to go to the next
EZ Tour page

to go back one
EZ Tour page

to ask a question about your next trip

to list all pages (site map)and click on any one to get there FAST

to go back to the last page you were visiting



These buttons control photos.
This is how they work.

To see all the pictures automatically,
click large arrowhead .ONCE (third icon from left).

To pause,
click this pause .symbol, which appears in place of the large arrowhead. To restart, click on the arrowhead .that appears in its place.

To view pictures one by one,
click on this arrowhead ,to go forward.

Click on this arrowhead ,to go back .one picture.

To see full size photos, .click on the white circle. A separate, large screen will open, with photo control buttons at the bottom.

When you're done, .click on any "X" to close the full-screen slide show and return to the original web page.


LINKS. Links within text appear blue like this or purple like this. If you click on one, a new window will open .showing the linked page. When you're done, simply close the new window, and you'll be back to where you were in this website.

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